Episode 145 - Suresh Madhaven - Part 2

Cleared Hot


When I look back at my life I think I have spent the vast majority of time focusing on. Training with very little time. Thinking about and focusing on my recovery specifically inside of that is rest I was and probably still in many days overtrained. One of the things that I struggle with most is a good night's sleep. and. overtraining isn't the only worry about a good night's sleep. Let's look at today's environment. Perhaps you are. A little too consumed or tied into the political events or what's going on in the pandemic maybe got a boyfriend or a girlfriend or I guess in this day and age I have to call it a significant other. And it's keeping you up at night or maybe the issue is you listen to this podcast and. It just makes you tired and you want to go to bed but your mattress. Isn't treating very well, and before I talk about Helix. Mattress. Let me just talk to you about my own experience when it comes to ordering a mattress on the Internet. I thought that there was absolutely no way it would work because how in the world could you look at a website and determine what is that you wanted or needed every mattress that have ever purchased before this involved going in laying down on mattresses I thought that is the way to do it. I was the most hesitant, probably the most resistant to the idea, and I was also incredibly wrong. HELIXSLEEP has been awesome and if you're worried about getting quality the an order on the Internet mattress showing up in a box that seems far too small for mattress to fit in. I'm here to tell you right now through my own personal experience that you don't need to be. So let's talk about Helix sleep for a little bit in how they know what mattress to send you.

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