Behold the Glory of God (Ezekiel 8:4)


Ezekiel Chapter Eight Verse Four. And Behold the glory of the God of Israel was there. Like the vision that I saw in the valley. The Reason I read this verse is because will this this whole Chapter Ezekiel Chapter? Eight Is Basically, a tour and sense. That God takes Hezekiel on and God shows he is equal all what's called the great abominations that God's people were committing against him all of their sins described over and over again as abominations. But the reason I read verse four one elitist to pray according to behold the glory. God of Israel. Poll the glory of the God of Israel was there like the vision that I saw in the valley the whole picture here is that Ezekiel sees. Such a clear contrast between God in all of his glory in all of His Holiness and all of his splendor and beauty and purity. Imperfections. And that enables him to see. How horrible? These abominations are the sins are against God. Like when we see the glory of God, the more we know the holiness of God, the more we will hate, send the more. We will see how serious sin is. So, if we ever find ourselves being casualness in things since no big deal. It is. Definitely, an indicator that we have lost sight. Of How glorious God is. The more we see. No God for who he truly is the more we will hate sin in our lives and see it as the abomination that it really is, and so we pray God. Help, US. We want to see and know your glory more and more and more and more. We're GonNa all throughout Ezekiel and. Other places bidding your word recently an X. thirty three and thirty four and I kings nineteen. We we praise you for these demonstrations of Your glory revelations of Your glory that you gave to. Moses and Elijah and Ezekiel and Isaiah an old testament and then what we read in John Chapter One verse fourteen that we have senior glory in Jesus and even for those of us who have not seen him face to face like those. Disciples did in the New Testament we praise you for the picture we have of Your glory in Jesus on the words of scripture in the words of scriptures. So we praise you for your glory and we say we want to see and know your glory more and more today got opener is wider. Got To pray this over every single person listening right now open their eyes wide open my eyes water to see more of your. Glory see more of your beauty and your splendor and your perfection your purity who you are got Elvis the see you more and more and more clearly, and in this got help us to hate sin Mar and more and more severely helpless aided I was to run from. It was to flee from help us not to flirt with and help us not to give in to temptation to it got elvis to run from San re pray. God help us to confess sin quickly when we sin against you. And to to hide in your grace and abrasion you all the more for your grace. God We. Pray the you would help us to see you more truly. Completely fully holy. And to see ourselves more, right lean. More humbly. To See sin in all of its severity. and to turn from it. So the We might know you. And Love You with all our heart soul in mind and strength and enjoy you to the full in all of your beauty and glory and splendor and holiness and purity and perfection 's all glory bdo. Name. Oh God help us to see know your glory more. In. Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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