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We're gonna put this special ball with the state of Virginia of Freedom Loving people will see the difference of president and we're going to win the support of people in this state weekdays. 3 to 6 on Use Radio W. R Va. W. R. Richmond W. T V. R H D to Richmond from the Mercer Rug Cleaning Studio W From the ABC News on Chuck Secrets in a manhunt is underway for the person who ambushed and shot two sheriff's deputies in Los Angeles County last night. No, I d on the alleged gunman, a senior official in the Lake County Sheriff's Department tells ABC News at both deputies are now stable. The female deputy was shot in the John Arms. She is critical but stable. The male deputy was shot in the forehead and in an arm and a hand. He is alert. Both were shot while sitting in their patrol SUV. A transit station surveillance video shows a suspect walking up to the SUV and opening fire through the passenger side window like stone. ABC NEWS LOS Angeles Well, fires keep a thick toxic cloud of smoke everywhere in many West Coast cities, President Trump blaming the surgeon fires on forest management. A significant amount of what is burning is not forest Washington State Governor James Lee and for Donald Trump, to say he's a hue of climate change is like saying he's a hero of mask against covert.

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