Across the western United States.


And Oregon, where dozens of people remain missing. President Trump plans to serve a wild fire damage in Northern California on Monday. President Trump hence to Nevada later today for a campaign swing out West. That also includes a stop in Phoenix. The president will be holding his event tonight and mended and we're about 30 Minutes south of Reno, the president be making these multiple stops in the campaign originally wanted to do this at the Reno Tahoe airport. But because of covert restrictions, they had to change that because of the gathering rules. President Trump lost this state four years ago, but by only about 27. 1000 votes. The campaign. Putting a lot of resource is into the state now Functions Mark MEREDITH, Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris will try to sway voters in Arizona. Pamela Harris is trying to also gain some ground in battleground faith among Latino voters. She will be attending a virtual event with Latino small business owners in Arizona Senator Bernie Sanders is reportedly warning the Biden campaign that they might lose in November. They don't make a hard left turn. Cater their campaign pitch to appeal to more progressive faxes. Hilary von America is listening to Fox News.

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