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Having contact traces that the ready is only one half of this equation. The other half is you folks, So please take the call. Murphy says People are worried the tracers might pass information along to law enforcement, particularly for incidents involving underage drinking parties. But the governor says that's not the case. Overall 82% of people getting initial Carl's from tracers answer the calls, but 59% of them. Refuse cooperation. As the nation mark that 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. A judge ruled that two members of the sports world Royal family in Saudi Arabia will have to answer questions about who planned the terror attacks. Lawyers for victims call it a turning point in the long running lawsuit, The judge ordered Saudi Arabia to make the pair and other Saudi witnesses available. For depositions in the suit brought by victims seeking billions of dollars in damages. A lawyer for Saudi Arabia declined to comment. Court papers say the members of the royal family include Prince Bandar bin Sultan. 63 right now. It'll be mostly sunny and 72. Today, this is WNBC Support for NPR comes from epics with the new original Docuseries enslaved Samuel L. Jackson explores the

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