Fast Food Giants are Reinventing the Restaurant, Pandemic Style


Not so long ago fast food restaurants were looking for ways to get you to stay a little longer they sprucing up their dining rooms and building ball pits for the kids after all the more time at your table the more likely you are to order another menu item or two, but dining in is so two thousand nineteen isn't it? Now thanks in part to the pandemic, these quick service eateries or redesigning their restaurants to get you in and out as fast as possible. Burger, King has just unveiled its pandemic inspired restaurants of the future. There are two concepts, both of which maximize social distance. The smaller of the two designs has no dining room at all. Instead, the would-be dining space is used for additional drive through lanes two lanes to be exact. Once your order is ready, a conveyor belt will deliver it to your car window. Of course, if you're craving more human contact, you can also go old school and walk up to an order window. The second concept is a t shaped two storey restaurant with the kitchen. Upstairs this, let's Burger King devote more real estate to park in order spots in various drive-thru options the companies. Also, experimenting with lockers where you can pick up your food, you get the locker number and a unique combination when you order on the APP, the idea is to make the experience as contact free as possible, and that's important to customers drive throughs and meal delivery services like Rub and eats have been a lifeline for burger king as indoor dining was banned or restricted during a large part of the pandemic CNN reports in the second quarter through sales made up eighty five percent of the company's total US sales. Burger King says it will be testing. It's new concepts in warm climate areas like Florida, and the Caribbean but no word on exactly when that will start. Another major fast-food player that's also trying to get you out of its restaurants quickly is Taco Bell. TACO Bell so-called go mobile locations have been in development for a few years but the pandemic accelerated plans for them according to nation's restaurant news. These locations are smaller because like Burger kings, restaurants of the future. They also eliminate dining space also liked burger king concept. You can place or on the TACO BELL APP and have your meal brought out to you by a bellhop get the company will begin opening new stores early next year the design is a far cry from the one that the TACO giant unveiled in early March, a gaming concept restaurant plan to test in California customers would. be able to play video games in addition to dining and in January burger king announced plans to make gets dining experience a little posher the king plan to make over a Saint Louis location with white subway tiles on the floor bench seats inspired by classic cadillacs and warm lighting retail wire reported. You might be munching on your fries, but you'd be doing it in style. Now, a combination of pandemic dining restrictions and changing customer behavior has made such concepts as Cadillac benches obsolete. Well, it was fun while it lasted, but it's time to say so long to indoor play grounds and Walker inspired light fixtures for the time being at least fast food customers are opting out of dining in. Choosing the biddle dashboard diner in Stan.

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