Donald Trump heads to California for wildfires briefing, condemns shooting of L.A. sheriff's deputies



Campaign swing to Nevada and Arizona today, he'll make a stop in California two days after two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies were critically wounded in a shooting that got the president's attention President from comes here today to get a wildfire briefing, But he was more active on Twitter over the weekend, Reacting to the shooting of two L. A county sheriff's deputies in an ambush the president tweeting in response to a video of the shooting quote animals that must be hit hard end quote. After the tweet protesters hit the streets later, he tweeted that if the deputies die, the suspect should get the death death penalty. penalty. He's He's been been quieter quieter on on the the wildfires wildfires and and have have a a growing growing death death toll. toll. Today Today he'll he'll get get an an update update on on the the flames flames like like stone. stone. ABC ABC News, News, Los Los

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