Afghanistan Peace Talks Open in Qatar, Seeking End to Decades of War


Have officially begun the long and likely arduous process of negotiating a peaceful and prosperous future after nearly two decades of war. NPR's Matthew Schwartz reports the Afghan government and the Taliban met Indo Hock, the capital of Qatar. Today. Several concessions were made to get to these peace talks. The U. S promised a complete withdrawal of its troops by next spring in exchange for a Taliban promise to renounce al Qaida and terrorism. The Afghan government promised to release 5000 Taliban prisoners in exchange for the release of 1000 of its security forces. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at the opening ceremony. We welcome the Taliban commitment not to host international terrorist groups. Including Al Qaeda. Or to allow them to use Afghan territory to train. Recruit or to fundraise. Other goals for the talks include a permanent cease fire and establishing rights for women and minorities. Matthew Schwartz

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