Tropical Storm Sally forecast to make landfall as Category 1 hurricane


Toward the southern US this weekend. Tropical Storm Sally now slowly gaining strength as it moved steadily toward the Gulf Coast. Expected to be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall right to ABC is Rob Marciano watching the storm in Pensacola, Florida. Category one now calling for a Category two two storm storm to to make make landfall landfall somewhere somewhere on on the the mouth mouth of of the the Mississippi Mississippi or or Mississippi Mississippi itself itself Late Late Late tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow night night night into into into Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday morning, morning, morning, this this this forecast forecast forecast verified verified verified it's it's it's it's gonna gonna gonna gonna be be be be the the the the first first first first real real real real test test test of of of the the the new new new levee levee levee system system system in in in and and and around around around New New New Orleans. Orleans. Orleans. This This This is is is

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