Brooklyn, New York shootings leave 2 dead; suspects on the loose


The The NYPD NYPD is is investigating investigating at at least least 12 12 shooting shooting incidents incidents this this weekend weekend around around the the city, city, including including a a deadly deadly one one in in Dyker Dyker Heights, Heights, Brooklyn. It was fined 30 yesterday evening 33 year old orphan but was sitting in a BMW along 78th Street. When he was shot three times in the midsection. Gus lives on the block. There was was a a guy guy online online right right next next to to a a green green BMW. BMW. There There was was two two people people working working on on them. them. There's There's actually actually a a guy guy put put duct duct tape tape on on his his chest chest to, to, uh, uh, stop stop any any type type of of bleeding. bleeding. Police are looking for possibly two suspects who escaped in a car. Or Roseanne. It's another sign. Things are going downhill. I live in Brooklyn all my life. I've never seen so much crying. So fast. In a few months, and it's just been a horrible thing. Following this shooting. A 23 year old man was shot to death outside the English. All houses in Fort Greene and a 35 year old man was killed by gunfire along 107th Avenue in Queens. Roger Stern, 10 10 Wins and Dyker

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