Philadelphia violence: 2 dead, others injured at Sunday gathering


Saturday night in the city of Philadelphia. It ended up with 11 people being shot, two of them fatally, along with three other people being stabbed. Now. One of those shootings happened at a block port party in north Philadelphia, where police were responding to a large gathering. Hey, what abuse Charlotte Reese tells us that some of the people in that crowd fired back at the officers, but no officers were injured. At least five people were shot Saturday night, including a 16 16 year year old old police police commissioner, commissioner, Danielle Danielle Outlaw Outlaw says says the the oldest oldest victim victim is is 26. 26. There There were were about about 200 200 kids kids for for young young people people here here in in the the intersection intersection standing behind US Police are trying to figure out what exactly happened around 10th and Brown streets. That law says Around 11 30 officers heard a loud loud boom boom up up the the street street while while at at the the same same time time gunshots gunshots were were fired fired around around the the corner. corner. She She says. says. Cops Cops were were already already nearby. nearby. When When the the chaos chaos erupted. erupted. There There was was supposed supposed to to be be a gathering of some sort, which is why we had officers in the area, but we believe that this um this room Of young people were displaced from that event that didn't happen or did or did not happen. Anyone with information about the shooting should contact police Charlotte

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