Americans and the right to vote: Why it's not easy for everyone to cast a ballot


A conspiracy theory. Grow this large this quickly and be so divorced from reality. It basically goes like this. President Trump is terrified he's going to lose the election. And he's going to use the Postal Service to try to limit mail in voting as much as possible to in effect, disenfranchised Democrats and steal the race, just as he did with Russian interference in 2016. This conspiracy theory, however, has perhaps even less evidence than the Russia collusion theory. Over the next 15 to 20 minutes. We will systematically debunk this most ridiculous conspiracy theory. Way are not going to allow the president of the United States to dismantle the United States Post office and undermine the possibility that absentee votes could be used in the next election. And he also wants to do everything you can Two stirred out and the results of an election he thinks he's going to lose. So why do Republicans stand behind a Z attacks the most popular institution in the United States government? I don't understand why the president wants to block funding for the post office in order to prevent people from voting. That doesn't seem fair or right or leading. It doesn't seem like it is going to steal a lot of confidence among voters that their ballots are going to be counted right Once you start to realize that your entire states conduct elections with mail in ballots once you realize the history of the Postal Service is incredible Accomplishments, you know and how it's a backbone for the country. You know, you understand the stakes of what's going on here. You mentioned Republican leaders as well. Carl isn't this about moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party Democrats, aided by their allies in the left leaning media, been accusing President Trump of trying to rig the election by interfering with the United States Postal Service in an effort to have her mail in voting, But the simple truth is that there's no truth to this claim whatsoever. In May, a scathing report by the Government Accountability Office confirmed what's been widely known for more than a decade. The Postal Service is in deep, deep financial trouble since it's designated as an independent agency. It's not funded by tax money, but rather expected to support itself through the fees it charges for using its service. But as technology has made email and messaging communication far easier, and competitors such as FedEx, ups and Amazon have eaten into the post office's package delivery service, fewer and fewer people are paying to send mail. This has been a big and worsening problem. Since 2009 when the O designated the USPS as being at risk for fiscal insolvency, as it wrote in the report issued in May. Since Geo's 2009 high risk designation, the postal Services financial viability is progressively worsened due to declining mail volume. Increased employee compensation and benefit costs. An increased unfunded liabilities and debt. First class mail volume has declined 44% since fiscal year 2006. Additionally, employee compensation and benefits costs have been increasing, although the Postal Service's workforce declined from about 786,000 in fiscal year 2007. To about 617,000 In fiscal year 2013. The USPS is workforce increased to about 630,000 in fiscal year 2019. Finally, total unfunded liabilities and debt continue their steady upward trend. Now, this has resulted in the post office, losing roughly 78 $1,000,000 from 2007 to 2019. Senator Barack Obama recognize this way back in 2008 while he was campaigning for president, if you think about it Ups and FedEx. They're doing just fine. It's it's the post office is always a problem. When President Obama took office, his administration attempted to ease the financial crush on the post office by altering collection routes in removing mailboxes that simply weren't being used. In the past 20 years, The Washington Post reported. Back in 9 202,000 mail boxes have vanished from city streets, rural routes in suburban neighborhoods Mohr than the 175,000 that remain. Between 2011 and 2016 The Obama administration ordered an additional 14,000 mailboxes removed because they were underperforming, which the Post office defines his collecting fewer than 25 pieces of mail per day. This routine elimination of mailboxes to consolidate mail collection and keep operational costs down has continued since President Trump was inaugurated in 2017. But now President Obama and his vice president Joe Biden, are casting this as an attempt by Trump to keep people from voting. By mail as president, Obama told his former advisor David Plouffe, on a podcast this past week. What we've never seen before, is President say, I'm goingto tryto actively kneecap the Postal Service encourage voting and I will be explicit about the reason I'm doing the postmaster general said, would delay the approaching liquidity crisis. That was all the aid for the Postal Service in the cares act completely. Separately, The bill also gave $400 million to something called the Election Assistance Commission for distribution to states to prevent, prepare for and respond to Corona virus domestically or internationally for the 2020 federal election cycle. This, however, wasn't enough for Democrats and they're now demanding a $25 billion bailout for the post office in the next round of Corona virus relief funding, as well as $3.5 billion earmarked for mail and voting on Fox Business Network President Trump said. Well, that was simply too much. You know, there's nothing wrong with getting out and voting. You get out and vote. They voted during World War one and World War two. They should have voter ID because the Democrats scammed the system, but it's two of the items are the post Office and the 3.5 $1,000,000,000 The mail and voting Now, if we don't make a deal, that means you don't get the money. That means they can't have Universal mail in voting that just can't have it. So you know, crazy will be many more just nature. Now Democrats have interpreted this, says Trump, admitting he's deliberately trying to sabotage mail in voting by preventing the passage of desperately needed funding for it. But this claim to falters under the way to the fact of the post office can already handle the expected flood of mailed ballots this November. According to the Postal Service's annual report. In fiscal year 2019 USPS handled 142.5 1,000,000,000 pieces of mail on a typical day, the report notes are 633,000 employees physically process and deliver 471 male pieces to nearly 160 million delivery points. Now this year, That number is higher because the Postal Service has been delivering stimulus checks as well, A census forms now those alone added about 450 million additional pieces of mail. In 2016 roughly 136 million Americans voted in the presidential election. The number's probably going to be a little bit higher this year. If official set ballots to every single American who's registered to vote. That's about 158 million people, and then 140 million people returned ballots. The roughly 298 million pieces of mail handled over the course of several weeks would be well within the Postal Service's ability to handle them all. Now. Officials, of course, won't send a ballot to every American who's registered to vote, and not every voter will vote This too. His false. The changes were ordered to streamline mail collection and limit mail carrier overtime costs, which top $1 billion per year, as the Washington Times reported. In the past, postal delivery worked this way Ah, worker would arrive in the morning and work on various things in the office. Sorting mail handling holds on mail waiting for incoming mail to arrive. To prepare for delivery that often involved waiting around for hours and then starting an actual delivery route later in the day once started, a route has to be finished, and that involved workers going into overtime as they delivered through their route as evening approached. Did. Joyce plan, which is now being implemented in a pilot program in about 200 cities is called expedited to ST Afternoon Sort. A Shin or esa es un during a worker will arrive in the morning. Collect all the mail that was ready to go out and head out for delivery. It's known as retrieve load and go. Then, after finishing the delivery route, the carrier would return to the office and do in the afternoon. The office work that used to be done in the morning that way, when the end of his or her shift arrived, That would be the end of the workday. No overtime would be incurred. Mail that arrived to the office in the afternoon. While the carrier was doing office work would be delivered in the next morning's route. It would be ready and waiting with the carrier arrived for retrieve load and go. The effect to customers would be that mail was delivered to the office in the afternoon. It would be delivered the next morning. Instead of that evening, the effect of the Postal Service would be to save an enormous amount of money in overtime costs, streamlining operations and making the postal service more effective. However, this has been cast as mail carriers simply leaving pieces of mail, especially mailed in ballots on the floor for days. For weeks at a time. There's no evidence to support this baseless allegation. Justus. There's no evidence to support the notion that the Trump Administration has been removing mailboxes or mail sorting machines in an effort to a happier mail in voting. Mail in voting might be impacted by not but not by postal service operations but rather by individual state laws, which make mail in voting cumbersome, especially in New York, where a congressional primary conducted at the end of June still doesn't have a declared winner by the middle of August. The Postal Service, in other words, can easily handle mailed in balance. It doesn't need a $25 billion bailout, and it doesn't need $3.5 billion on top of the $400 million that has already been earmarked specifically for mail in voting. The Postal Service will remain fiscally solvent at least until the end of 2021 but efforts to change it efforts listening to the Dan O'Donnell show. For your virtual ticket to be a part of music history on the capital. One fan Wall Interactive video experience with our star light on our 2020 I heard Radio Music Festival starring BTS. Coldplay Came Brown with special Guest Khalid Keith Urban Mego, smiling Cyrus Thomas Rhett. Usher for anything can happen. 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Democrats are absolutely convinced that Trump is trying to steal this election because of his is changes to the post office. My opening monologue debunking this conspiracy theory will be up on common sense. Central very shortly, have no fear. We are working on getting it up and on my social media, By the way, if you'd like to join the program numbers to do so for 14799 11 30 that he's the accident, mortgage talk and text line 18 108 389476 That is our toll free talk and text line email. D o d Ed i heart media dot com You can find me on Social Media facebook dot com slash dan O'Donnell Show and at Dan O'Donnell Show on Twitter as well. What struck me about all of this is is not just how Democrats have have Done exactly what they're accusing Republicans of doing Have you seen the freak out over the conspiracy theorists, the cue and non believers for those who are not familiar with what Q. And on is it's ah, far right conspiracy theory that posits that President Trump is working behind the scenes to bust the secret cob. All of Pedophiles led by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, and pretty much every celebrity that you've ever heard off. There's no actual evidence for it, of course, but because a number of Q and on believers and one Republican primaries, it's being hold. My goodness, This is the worst thing that ever happened to mainstream politics. We've got conspiracy theory believers. There's no conspiracy less founded on actual evidence than this post office nonsense. In fact, I've seen pictures on the Internet that have been circulated. Now Twitter and Facebook have done their level best to try to make sure that misinformation about elections nothing that could undermine faith in elections is allowed on their platforms, except for these pictures of mailboxes in Wisconsin. Of all places. That are piled up. They've been taken off the streets. Trump doesn't want you to be ableto Drop your piece of mail in a mailbox. Well, what these pictures Don't point out is these are piled up. Sure, at a facility that refurbishes the mail boxes to put them back on the streets. It's always got a stack of mail boxes outside because it's working on them. Refurbish them, then this idea that sorting machines and mail boxes have been ripped off of the streets in the last couple of months so that we can vote by mail is nonsensical. Unless you're willing to tell me. That Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who saw over 2011 and 2016 5 years. The removal of 14,000 mailboxes and 200,000 mailboxes removed in the years before that. Unless you're willing to tell me that they're part of the conspiracy. You're almost forced to admit that there is simply no evidence behind this, but what's remarkable to me? Is how quickly this became mainstream and it got me thinking. Well, wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. If Joe Biden is up by as much as the polls suggest he is 10 to 12 points. Why would Democrats suddenly be trying to cast doubt on an election? Right? Wasn't this Almost exactly four years ago. What President Trump was supposedly doing August of 2016 when the first reports on the eve of the Democratic National Convention about election hacks and Russian interference, and all of this started coming out. President Trump's first said that he was worried that the election might be rigged. You might remember President Obama rose Garden press conference said. How would you even rig the presidential election? Donald Trump is whining about losing an election that hasn't even happened yet. The idea was that Trump was going to cast doubt on the legitimate legitimacy of the election because he knew he was going to lose. Remember the pole similarly showed him down 10 15 points. He had no chance of beating Hillary Clinton. So he was preemptively whining about the fact that Clinton and her cronies we're going to use massive vote fraud to cheat. Why are Democrats doing this? When their candidate is up 10 points. Maybe it has something to do. With this. A new CNN poll finds that 50% of registered voters back the Biden Harris presidential ticket. While 46% say they support Trump and Pence right at the polls, margin of error plus or minus 4% points. There's a new CNN poll. Across 15 battleground states. Biden has the backing of 49% of registered voters while Trump lands at 48%. In other words, that massive lead doesn't actually

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