Kim Kardashian West Releases Supportive Kanye Statement

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Kim Kardashian finally breaks her silence about Conway, now a short time ago, Kim posted a long statement on Instagram, calling the situation difficult and painful. She says she hasn't spoken about Connie's bipolar disorder before because she's very protective of him and their kids privacy Kim says families are powerless to help someone unless the person is willing to accept the help. She ends her statement asking for understanding and compassion. What was your reaction when you read this thing in full? I mean it's obviously kind of a continuation of what I said yesterday. The entire thing is really heartbreaking. I feel like what she put out. Was the most appropriate thing to say, which was basically as much as the statement was long. Listed facts didn't really say anything. It really was just like he's going through this. There's nothing I can really do I need a ride this out with my husband and my family. I'm asking you guys to ride this out as well and not make a mockery of what's going on. He's clearly very ill and just kind of be sensitive to what's going on. This is a real issue. This is not a storyline on a show. This is not something that's happening for publicity. This is somebody who's really going through some sort of manic episode and she's just asking for people to realize. The severity of the situation and I think that the best thing she could have done. I just think twenty twenty is the year of awareness. I think there's this is the year where you can't turn a blind eye to certain things, and you can't say that you don't know where you don't understand or I. Think the compassion around these illnesses are going to be our greater, too. So I think whereas in the past where people were claiming this and another Kanye rent or make this thing where he needs help and things. Things like that. People are actually are him becoming means on instagram and doing all the joking things now it's becoming more serious now. It's a little bit more serious that we're seeing this like. Hold up! He has a real problem. We can't start joking about this anymore. We need to reach out the open our arms to him and help him as much as we can. Because, this isn't just a memo on instagram anymore. This is real life.

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