Amber Heard Accuses Depp of Throwing Bottles Like 'Grenades'


Day of testimony for Amber heard before the high court in London, where Johnny Depp's libel case against a British tabloids playing out A 34 year old actress refuted his allegations that she was the one who lost her temper and injured him. Ah, arrivals heard alleged ex husband depth through 30 or so bottles at her as if they were grenades or bombs while they were in Australia in March 2015 on that he accidentally seven part off his finger joined the assault. She described the stay. There is akin to a three day hostage situation during which step was completely out of his mind on out of control. She said she feared for her life. The incident essential to the Sun tabloid labeling off depth in April 2018. Article as a wife beater. Charles Valadez, MMA London

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