When and How to Prune a Rose of Sharon



And you were talking about roads or sharing. how do you trim them to keep them kinda inbound rather than grow grow grow. And huge trim them hard. Now, I'm going to explain that, but they are one of Mother Nature's miracles high viscous. That particular one is my nemesis because they are seed bearing plant. I have dealt with them from seedling size clear up to eight and nine feet. and I actually mean you have to trim them hard. They are able to grow in some of the poorest of soils. Hottest dryest nastiest areas as a child. The ones I'm talking about playing with were screen between my parents property and the La. You practically could even muffle the noise of car going through. They were so big now to explain their blooming now on stems that grew from this spring on out set flower buds, and they're now blooming. So with the. The rule in mind that you can trim following the bloom, they will be go there trimble. Now, for that matter, you just take off the flowers, but you can trim them anytime now and I would until fall because I'm thinking in quite a brutal pruning the way you asked the question it is a plant that you. You do pretty much the same thing that you would with any other shrub. Usually they are multiple stemmed. You would take out the biggest. Stems as close to the bottom as you can get them, let the new stems come on so that you do get new growth next spring after after a fairly brutal pruning and new flowers and so on. They also can be trimmed up as a tree where you take off all the side shoots inside site growth stems and and do it in one trunk. So I, when I say brutal I would let them finish flowering and then I would go into it from the standpoint right now of just managing it size doesn't continue to grow so much bigger, then come winter. Jacket type weather fall, or very early spring. You can go into those rascals and and really thin them out.

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