Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris And President Trump discussed on iHeart Podcast Channel


Timely Scylla. Sarah Fox News. But President Trump, saying he was still surprised Joe Biden has chosen California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, citing the way he says she acted towards Biden was probably nastier than even Pocahontas. Joe Biden. She was very disrespectful to Joe Biden on DH. It's hard to pick somebody. That's that disrespectful when she said things during the debates during the Democrat primary debates that were horrible about sleepy to president also painted Harris is about the most liberal person in the U. S. Senate, and he says he would have thought Biden would try to stay away from that. Yet. The president donated a total of $6000 to Harris is a reelection campaign when she was attorney general of California. Paris and Biden expected to deliver remarks tomorrow. Nearby this home in Wilmington, Delaware. Obama administration, National Security advisor Susan Rice was reportedly one of the top contenders. She tweeted her. Congratulations to Harris, calling Harris it's tenacious and trailblazing leader. A handful of states holding presidential primaries in Connecticut. Joe Biden is one for Democrats and President Trump with the wind for Republicans as state's wrestle with whether open schools were in person learning one state with a recommendation, Kentucky governor and the Bashir is recommending that schools in his state not allow kids back into physical classrooms. At least until September 28th. Bashira Democrats says the state's Corona virus case despite through July and have not yet subsided enough that opening physical schools seems feasible. Schools in Kentucky open often in late August or early September, and at least 30 district in the state have already announced they will begin their year with virtual instruction.

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