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Hello and welcome to another episode of this week in travel. The only travel show that really isn't even about travel anymore because no one can travel and it's not weekly. So it's pretty much ally. With me as usual, Oh, I should add I am coming from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Now. Officially pulled up stakes and left Minnesota permanently So no more of that. With me metropolis of Horton Ville. Yeah for the time being at least. For for at least a few months. That voice you hear is, of course Mr Chris Come at you from Lovely San Jose California, how are you doing Sir I'm doing well, sir. Excellent. Also from California the Lovely Jen Leo, how're you doing jen? I'm doing great and I'm back from a three week cross country road trip. So I actually do get some travel in this summer, Gary. Well I technically did to it's just an involved a U. Haul. And almost. Packing. Thursdays so Excellent. Also chuckling in the background Mr Spud Hilton. How are you doing? Sir Doing Great I just came back from the corner liquor store. So that was that was my big trip of the week so. That's not So my question for you is Muscatel thunderbird. You know I find that ripple tends to be a highly underrated wine of a fine vintage So sometimes, night train sometimes ripple. We used to get when I was in college was on the debate team we'd travel and we were poor. So we would get mad dog twenty, twenty. Oh. Yeah. Oh my God that was. Nasty. Nasty stuff. Our guest. This week is actually somebody does know about Travel Robert Cole. He's a strategist. He's a consultant and he knows a whole lot about the hospitality industry. Welcome to the show. Sir Well, it's great to be here. Big Fan of the show longtime listener first-time Gust so. I'm surprised we haven't on your head you on the show before. Creek Chris was saying is on show you know seventeen hundred total. So I figure hey, I made the top two thousand. What the heck this show. That's true to something. Right. Now, that's very pleased to be here. All right. Well, let's get onto some news stories. spud brought us this one. Gun seizures at airports are up threefold. And I don't think there's a fold increase in travelers going through airports. So. What do you think is the reason for this we went up from five point wh. Why should say it per capita thing I think. So it's fifteen point three guns. Every million passengers screened in July compared to five point one per million in two, thousand nineteen. So the rate has gone up. I don't think it's an absolute increase what thinks the reason will you got to protect yourself from? The? COVID? Vaccine? Virus. Roller. Arms or definitely the way to go there. I mean it's the TSA which you know brought this up has a great instagram account where they like to. Show Hey, here's all the guns. We got this month. and. The picture that they have on this one is you know it's every picture of a gun is so postage-stamp because there's so many they just the for whatever reason it's gone way up they don't speculate on why but they are quick to remind you. That civil the civil financial penalty for bringing an unloaded gun to check point is two thousand and fifty dollars and it starts at forty one hundred dollars if the gun is loaded and actually TSE's. Instagram site, you'll find out that most of them are loaded. Usually and carry on luggage. They're not necessarily there patting the person down. Yeah, you're actually allowed to take the gun in A. You know in a check luggage you have to pay. You're flying obviously, right. But. These are people who brought them in their carry on luggage and just thought, Hey, I'm a gun on what's the problem here? And apparently, they're folks who clearly don't fly that often or don't pass the sat very often.

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