Kimye's Make or Break Vacay, Kylie Turns 23 & 'WAP' Backlash

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Okay I. Stop Word on the street is came and Connie has had an exotic getaway with all of their kids to work on their marriage. Of course, we are rooting for them but this is a move lots of stars have done. With mixed results in the past, do you guys think couples know deep down if they're gonNA, make it before they go on these trips or do they just convince themselves that the trip is going to help and they're gonNA work now I think they go like they go intention of it being you know helpful beneficial but I think you know sometimes you go with the Kevin shoot ever like plan something to the t. like vacation or something and everything just completely goes wrong. So you go yeah. Intention of having an amazing time and then you're like Oh, this is a nightmare. Happens I mean I went on a trip you know at a point in my last relationship where I thought Oh we'll get. We'll have a weekend away. It'll be a nice distraction but I knew that was over. Over I think certainly with Brad and Jen when they went on the trip, mean Brad New I'm different out of the marriage because Indian is waiting for me. So I think in this case I think it's a real effort and I think that these two. Are Working on their relationship these celebration vacations that people go on. Solving. Feel like. Hashtag. So Schmidt shirts salvation vacation. I think that if you're going to go on that either you guys go in with this intention of fixing it or really is that last like Lettuce Ryan Save this. But if you're just going in to try and like you don't really WanNa fix things because you know deep down if it's for over one hundred. Going and you know it's over it's just you stuck in a room with less distractions and you're forced to like deal with those things you don't like anyway. So. Really ought to me you gotta be ready to work or thinking. I'm going to do everything one last time I'm going to get one last hookup in I'm going to get you know one last hugging. The other person is thinking I, want to try to save this. So you know you have to go in with the statement engines. Meanwhile, Kylie is thriving as all know it is her twenty third birthday today and we show many questions I mean what the Hell is this I'm GonNa ask you because I don't think you care that much about flowers. Would you this flower display this sort of bizarre flower display or do just want some normal roses? It looks like upside down pineapple. No I No and House. Yeah. I watch. This in my house is taking up the whole first floor like. She has a house big enough to hold it but like this is not going to work in my house in two miniature versions, it's really impressive. If just consider how many flowers that is the craftsmanship that goes into it. Feels like it should be at some sort of like of event like a homo. Championship, where people are walking around like there's thousands of people story she had this. Little white you're doing you're destroying hundreds of flowers. One person to enjoy maybe a few people. If it's her family, it's just a lot and can no. Aspirin and they're known for the over the top flower installations. We see them at every holiday every Valentine's Day every birthday and they're usually really beautiful. This is the first time that I'm kind of like does she like like I don't know even her style and it does now I can only see pineapple also she's sending these to herself right? Like we don't think someone sending them to her. It's not like with she knows her cell like she I think she I don't think she's sending them to herself I. Think She's setting these things up and she's like mom it's my birthday and I need to have a happy birthday Kylie by the pool. Like this standard this is like brushing your teeth rally you would send your own like Happy Birthday, Senate Oh. I am that desperate I. Don't know why you think I'm not like I as McQueen of just doing anything to make myself looked a little more love look. Yeah. No I would do it anything. You'll see. Meanwhile and everybody was going crazy over Cardi me and meg. Song Walk, which stands for I'm just kidding, but it's not all good. Some critics want to ban the song saying it's too sexually explicit vile and quote sets the entire female gender back by one hundred years. So dots on this guy's what he thinks about this. A both. For those that don't know. Stands for what? Is. but in terms of their argument at this is setting the female gender back one hundred years. The female gender was way far back on hundred years ago, and it wasn't because they were embracing their sexuality and taking control their own bodies because other people aren't doing it. So if anything's GONNA, take the female gender one, Hundred Years Back. It's someone telling women what to say and do like they're doing right now. Man Who tweeted his criticism of it and says that he watched the video accidentally I how? Do you watch this accidentally you accidentally watched it over and over on repeat on. Youtube. In, other news five in cows recovering after breaking his back in his home in Malibu hikes he hit up twitter after a six hour emergency surgery saying some good advice. If you buy an electric bike, read the manual before you write it for the first.

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