Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review: Everything we love -- and don't -- so far


Bunch. So renew was coming. It's all official now. So Galaxy note twenty, no twenty old tra- you have ultra I doubt we will ever get our hands on the no twenty because no one should buy it Ultra Tim has galaxy watched three actually have one of those or here doubts on in two sizes Galaxy Buds live, which we will just call the galaxy beans little being ear buds neither of US have those I don't know that we're going to. Like, you're satisfied with the buds plus I like these I dunno like the only don't know how they go in your ear. the beans are official and then the Galaxy Tab, a seven seven, plus which we also don't have because we haven't reviewed at android tablet like seventeen years Those are official although they do look really really good. We talk about those for just a brief minute if we want to and then finally they showed off the phone that I will sell everything in my house to buy in that will be the galaxies Z fold. To Oh. Yeah. So we'll save that for a minute. Let's let's talk. No Twenty, nine, twenty ultra. Cool start here so They announced There's two phones obviously ones Nice. The Ultra One's not so nice. The regular note twenty I'm being extra critical here because. Samsung wants to charge a thousand dollars for the regular one. The, ultras thirteen hundred. The regular one has a ten eighty p sixty hertz display in a plastic body and they want a thousand dollars for IT I. I know there's other stuff going on here. They packed all the other stuff in it, but those two things certainly do not scream. Thousand Dollars to me No. But. They did do that. So It's available for preorder. Now, Bulfon's actually we are. Now They Arrive August twentieth or twenty first somewhere in there and everyone has them. There's unlocked models. There well, I should say the ultra a while it is a huge phone and I don't think I could use the thing. It's got kind of everything again right although. The storage at one hundred, twenty, eight Gig that lower than last year's like did the note ten plus days was to fifty six yeah. So they dropped that it does quite easy. Display Hundred Twenty Hertz, which is which is sweet snapdragon need sixty, five plus five g twelve gig Ram five, twelve, top tier storage hundred, twenty Gig on the low end and yeah I think that's kind of step backwards. we got way too many cameras including one, hundred, eight megapixel big I. Laser autofocus forty, five, hundred, million power battery. I know that still large but the ultra I think that's twenty. Five thousand south slightly smaller but you do have an aspen. The spend has like super low latency and stuff, right? It's like the fanciest s date and this. What else we have stereo speakers you have ms again for Samsung pay of course Oh we don't have the super fast charging rate like the. Thirty five or whatever it was from last year like that's not back. So it's like they took away a couple of. We have like an upgraded superfast charging to dotto or something I can tell you the team last year. But like remember they were it was like a forty five watts like a forty five watts Samson charger. Discipline one either doesn't support that or they're just not maybe not including it. It's something weird like that. So shocked kind of it seems like they kind of took away a couple of things to keep the price is still thirteen hundred dollars sound like they cut any corners here no either way it's a it's a pretty crazily specked out found. It comes in the mystic bronze which Tim has everything comes in mystic bronze. There's also a black and then there's also a white version Of course, they send you the mystic bronze because they're so proud of mystic bronze I don't know.

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