Daria Gavrilova on finding out what makes her happy


Daria Gavrilova Dario Welcome or should I say Yeah Dasha that's about it. Thanks. Thanks for having me. I really excited to have a chat We've been in the lockdown so. As like yes. Sure. Chat. You guys probably not a lot of people to be honest right now not seeing too many people and. Also. Look at ten spicer were trying to be even Loris say. Because we are still allowed to go to training, but we're just being careful. So we create our own Babul within this bobble. There's another bubble it's just like. Crazy but that's okay. It seems like Australia's taking the quarantine current Ivar. So so so seriously because you were out of lockdown on your back in lockdown yet because our K. went up again. So they're probably GONNA keep going up for the loss while before gone back down but. Yet, wherein stage three right now is Toria somewhat every state. So even though you've been quarantined and all that I mean, have you actually stop training at all during this whole lockdown quarantine thing or have you not really been able to train as much? The first lockdown were lucky. We got all the gym equipment and. Hope back home and I just did my own workouts but I had like everything I had barbells ahead. You know all the heavy stuff. The chain I had the what black. Though I was able to train almost as normal, and we're allowed to go outside and do sessions outside and then yet. We're allowed to get back on the tennis court on a few weeks later. So that was the case and now. With tennis they restrictions noticed straight. So we're able to still come to the tennis and train. What's your thoughts though in when you will play a tournament because I know we have a scheduled tentatively starting from August onward where do you plan to go if anywhere? Well. I don't know to be on the I still have no idea I think many people due to illness. It's like the two options either starting in the in America or go straight to Europe. But I haven't decided. Let's talk about if. Everything everything still up in the air like ribs the. If it's all happening or not. So I'll just decide as light as possible. I think the one thing that I've taken from this whole quarantine whether or not the WTO starting again is just we know nothing that's all I know is that we know nothing there's nothing that's concrete. There's nothing written in stone at the moment though are. Able to come to the US like if you were to leave tomorrow for tournament, if there was a tournament, Mar, would you be able to head allows way? I'll will have to have an exemption and how hard is that to get well, we apply for an exemption to go overseas So we I think we're allowed to come see West but the de Straton government doesn't really want us to travel. So we need to have an exemption and we all applied for it and we still haven't had the answer but well, for example, arena already that shit got. An exemption, a world's intense. So quarantine what have you been up to staying sane I know not just training surely there's been a lot of new hobbies fun things to get into out of TIKTOK FU talks. I don't dance take talks 'cause I can't but I just. Make Fun of myself in posted anyway because it looks hilarious what else Well, I'm always been a bit like artsy artsy. I. I've been painting a bit I actually bought. Some real clay and been making like clay pieces and going to stadium than firing them of Maddie. Few they're all on my instagram few on the hub. And you know playing with the puppy and smashing natural lakes. You know I don raid much. But I've just that like rating Lena's book I was always intrigued on like how everything works in China how how does how does the federation work and how Cana tennis player come through and like she was the first one to come through and yeah, it's actually a real good book. It's awesome. Have your. Wedding plans taken a bit of a pause because of this whole thing. Yeah. We actually decided pretty early decided lack marsh that registered a postponed until next year

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