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Guys. Welcome to car cast Matt Motivated Guanzhou here with Bill Goldberg how are you Buddy House practices housing doing doing great. You know we're looking at five days over one hundred. So I'm ecstatic. Bikini on the out by the pool. I actually I saw it out in the leg as long as your Ad Dragon Gauge and the kids are out like on a lake and right? Yeah. You're having fun growing. Dragon. Just shoot now like when you're over fifty, you get you reap the enjoyment out of videoing everyone and. Consoling them after they've been launched across. The, Lake Yeah, it was very entertaining. I'll be uploading many of those. Like, they're having a great time out there. visit. Great. It was a great bet. You guys can see it on his instagram you're dragging your you got the boat. You're the kids are out on the rouse being dragged by the boat. They fly off. You pass the sack. You see the slasher out your. Their lives. I can. Carry? Them would have died I couldn't have posted it. Had this scroll through all my other videos to find out a comparable to find out that they were doing good something. We've got some cool ally interesting news about The McLaren announced that well, the Gordon Murray announcement that we wanted to get into. So we sort of got this job. So we can I hit that before we get started. Just, another word from our friends at Dodd's it's A. IT'S A it's time for dodge power dollars and that means for every horse power. You get ten dollars off your purchase on dodge challenger Dodge Charger and Dodge Durango come in and save dodge power dollars for pretty sweet deal. So as we As we are sitting down to record this. There's some news that's out there, and of course, the most interesting stuff that we're finding is Gordon Murray finally took the wraps off his. Off his new SUPERCAR, his t fifty supercar, Gern, Gordon Murray very famously designed a series of f one cars had a relationship with the Clarendon did the McLaren won Three Seater Central Driving Position Car I love that car bill I know you love that car it's sort of a wishlist amongst us all. I'm sure everyone who had an opportunity to get one at one point kicking themselves now because they keep going up thirteen, million, eight, hundred, million in life be knocked twenty million dollars going nuts So there was a great video presentation that came out. With Dario Franceschini taking a touring ordinary designs during Gordon, Murray on a moto and they took the wraps off this car and It's it's. It's pretty it's pretty cool. Gordon Murray's thing has always bands. About lightweight and from this car from. The initial design in his head all the way up to what it is. Now he said a goal of no more than one thousand kilos in weight and he hit nine eighty I believe puts it somewhere around twenty one, hundred, seventy, maybe twenty one, hundred, seventy, four pounds. This is extremely lightweight way in in. Today's world. Under twenty two hundred pounds. Of. A modern day car it. The Way to do that. And explain it when you go and you watch the videos, you read the press about it. Is. You have to design this thing from the ground up. With weight savings in mind every single step of the way, the the CAR IS MONACO CARBON FIBRE the entire bodies carbon fibre everything. That could be carbon. Fibre is carbon fiber of. The the engine he went to Cosworth and said, it needs to be naturally aspirated. It needs to be the twelve. It needs to be lightweight. needs to sound fantastic and it needs to be naturally aspirated. Of course, right? So. What they came up with was three point nine Liter v twelve. Six hundred and fifty, four horsepower. Three hundred and forty four pound feet of torque again small. You Know Small Displacement High Ramming twelve thousand one hundred RPM match. Enjoyment. You know I've A. Peak power is at eleven thousand, five, hundred dollars God, and the power to the Torah curved the I think the peak torque is around nine thousand. RPM. So between nine thousand and not red line of eleven five that thing just must sound insane and. Just skewed. Now, he didn't release any performance specs yet because Gordon Murray's thing is like I tell you zero to sixty whatever. But everyone's GonNa go after that intestine. beat it. He wanted to focus on the things that meant

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