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Okay on this episode of the show a very cool guest. I haven't talked to the student awhile came up kind of last minute, but he's a really interesting guy Michael. Bream is the founder and. CEO, of Ev West. A company that builds and Converts Electric Cars down. In San, Diego area they have done some really cool streetcars. They've done some really cool race cars. They've raised pikes peak and pretty soon, they are going to Bonneville with their newest project. So here to talk about it on the zoom the CEO of e West Michael Bream. On small tar podcast. I've already done it. I've done it in the in the on awkwardness my own home. How are Ya antastic? You'd see. Yeah. What's I mean you know Since we last talked there's been quite a lot of development in the world of Evil Hot Rod. You can buy E v Crate Motors. Now I mean you know what a world right? I mean, it comes in a crate or why don't you tell me if you bought one of these things I mean GM brought that that electric crate And I took some kind of interest in it didn't you? Yeah, we did. We actually have easy west parts in there and cooled I. Think you know the reality is, is they try to make off in sound simple and Bolton but it's it's quite difficult and a lot of these guys are kind of in the space to get attention Yamaha motors recently of did something like that they're putting out a crate motor and we called Yamaha and they're like, no, it's not. It's really. Out there. Actually openly admitted like. Fishing there we just threatened the pond. This is such bullshit because you know often I, hear from people who want me to comment on the fact that. The new cafe standards are impossible to it's like, do you know how easy it is to say that we're going to go full ev by twenty thirty and then roll that Shit back in twenty twenty five when no one even remembers and your long. In Our news. Cycle. Say Anything and the news cycle is so short that by the time you walk it back later once it's clearly impossible just nobody gives a shit. The Craig's is GonNa Have Bluetooth work on blockchain. Put bitcoin right that yeah, it's it's interesting Matt I was just thinking about that the other day like if somebody could do like a best hits real and just go back through like GM announcements and I mean I feel like we've been told like three or four times from every automaker, they're having an electric truck or this out of the other thing and here it is twenty, twenty and Where are they right? Well, A-. Onto, something right isn't it we're really is a reinvite we're gonNA see Arena I mean that's a good point. You cannot buy not buy it and they don't have a fan I love Ribian. Let me tell you I love her the and I think got the best shot of anyone but they don't even have a factory built yet. Do you think they have a better shot of building a truck than than Tesla does? Want to die. Early And then into politics. Ev Crate Motors but it's important. To note the building an electric truck or a heavy duty vehicles, extremely difficult and extremely expensive, and so This isn't a model three or a key Niro or whatever they're trying market. They're trying to bring up a full size truck and compete with you know the Ford F, one, fifty, soul Arado, etc. that is You know no small task of the and again we're talking about essentially start up companies to this date haven't produced anything and I think Riviera's far far far ahead of everyone but you look at companies like Nikola and some of the other companies that are essentially trying to get her capital off of computer enters

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