Peanut Butter Diamonds

Wow In the World


All right now, peanut butter. We've been through a lot today, but it's not over yet. Now drop and give me diamonds. Mindy, are you talking? To your peanut butter Jauregui Guy Rasi trying to turn my peanut butter into diamonds. Well, in order to do that, you'd have to apply a lot of pressure on the carbon rich Petersburg so that the carbon can form diamonds trust me. I've tried that, but nothing is working. Now I'm trying to put the peanut butter in high pressure situation, you want to help I, guess. What do I tell it? Something like don't make me turn you into a sandwich mindy. Ip a little too aggressive peanut butter can handle it. To Second Mindy. I, think it's actually turning towards diamond. It smells good too. I can't believe it. Should we celebrate with one more round of our game show can't think of anything better roll out the red carpet I mean. Man. The. Lights in three to. Run. And now, everyone's second favorite game show after holding although puppies. To what's Food. Welcome back welders. It's time for another. Round of to what's and while. Scientific game show that separates the White House from though. Now before we begin today's round. Let's review where we left off yesterday. We gave you three scientific statements about smells and challenged you to guess what was the one true. Wow. Was it a the center of the galaxy smells like raspberries or was it be some people's smelled grass while they sleep or was it see your burbs have a similar smell to your family's burbs and enter yesterday's question joining us by phone? It's clear up from Washington, DC. What's the? Wow. Hi, my name Clara. I've in Washington DC, my Mellon royalty center of the galaxy smells. raspberries. For Dinner. That is correct intestines. If you guessed the answer, Hey, that the center of the galaxy smells like Raspberries, you've found the winning. Wow, congratulations, astronomers founded chemical called Ethyl forming in a dust cloud at the center of the Milky Way. This is one of the chemicals that gives raspberries their flavor and contributes to their sent now guest B. or C.. You weren't too far off. Your sense of smell is usually turned off as you fall asleep, and while some people do experience smells in their dreams, you typically have to wake up to smell the roses. You chose C. Well, you're bronx are typically determined by what. It turns out. There is a genetic reason for the way you're to smell. The way they do is some elements of your flatulence trace back to your family. So it's pretty likely the dip. Your relatives have particularly smelly dudes you might have to. Carolina, don't you tell her win? Hauser's what they want? Well, the all of our winning contestants today, we'll be taking home their very own in visible. Shar of toots harvested from celebrity, the animated characters and world leaders. These one of a kind invisible jars of will leave your home smelling tower. Okay I. Guess Congratulations. So all of the winning

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