South Africa reaches out to WHO for help with COVID-19 response


Lecturer in international politics at. So seen in here in London Phil Clarke, welcome back fill just tell us what what what you picked out this morning the World Health Organization in South Africa's is a big headline. Yes, this is a story Emma that's running on Bloomberg and a and a lot of the international news type is this morning that's South Africa has really reached out to the World Health, organization and asked for some emergency help in terms of dealing with corona virus. So the WHO, today, sending, what they call a surge team. To South Africa, I've only done this in two or three other countries around the world. I'm so forty-three WHO experts landing in South Africa today really to help the South African government try to coordinate its corona virus response on the background to this is that South Africa has just hit a five hundred thousands of coronavirus cases that puts it in the top five inch infection writes around the world and there are real worries about just how quickly Karenna virus is spreading in South Africa. So yeah, that's why we're seeing this this whol emergency response today. What will this team doing? That they're going to be doing a couple of things. Firstly they're really helping the south. African. Government with with track and trace So this has been a real problem in South Africa just been very hard to set up a an effective surveillance system, full corona virus and then the second one is in fact, coordinating the kind of community response to Corona. Virus Encouraging people at the local level to go and get tested to stick to the lockdown measures the South African government had been really struggling with community compliance and said who is going to be helping with that as

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