Why does Donald Trump want to ban TikTok?

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For those who are blissfully unaware late last week, us? President Donald Trump announced that he would ban Tiktok and furthermore he said he would block Microsoft from taking over the APP which was apparently a deal that was in the works Then he's back flipped and given Microsoft, forty five days to complete the transaction and he's, but now he signed that the US Treasury should get a copy of the deal which seems weird in a country, which is terrified of socialism so like That's a basic recap, but there's so many little weird bonkers nuances to this Britain I actually bret benefit and I actually read about published on risky Biz in the Linke's quakes showing. But look, let's let's get the conversation going now and we'll start with you, alex, know they're probably some national security ramifications or concerns around APPs lactic TIKTOK. But why do we get the impression? That's not what's driving this whole thing? Well, you make it then. Prussian, because the president of the United States continues to change his justification of what he's doing is making a national data protection law up on the fly on twitter. and. So you know it's it's quite possible that watching what's going on that. You'd reasonably conclude that this isn't a well-considered change in policy, but perhaps part of the ongoing trade war and yell perhaps a mix of trump's anger at what would normally be protected speech against him on Tiktok and partially to distract from the fact that at the same day that he made that announcement, it was announced that the United States economy shrunk by nine percent in just one quarter. And so you know all those things together. Is really polluting this process now that being said I, think there are some interesting risks here in there is something we have to talk about about Chinese APPS and the data of Democracies sitting servers available to the PR. But if you're going to do that for my perspective Tiktok is probably not even the top five or top ten companies. I'd be concerned about there's a lot of Chinese companies that are much more critical inner city and much more important data than they are. This seems. To be completely driven by trump and not by some kind of process and either the White House or or the agencies were, there can rationally considering these things. Now look you and I, we have access to gripe bonds that most people don't actually have access to. A wonderful part of the job. I mean, my gripe tells me that this is not going through the usual processes. I mean the US investigation into Tiktok did start last year. Right? This is a legit sign. Lee Rooted investigation, but it's the escalation since like last week, that is just the just the mad pot, and as you say I mean why the hell out we talking about we chat and that's that's a curly a one to a strategy. I know that there are politicians here. Who Use we chat as a way to communicate with Chinese Australians, for example, right? So that whole thing is a can of worms and I think blocking chat in. A, lot of places around the world is going to be a real loser, right? So that's maybe one reason people don't WanNa. Touch it. But yeah, this is a very complicated. Nuanced issue that has just been. The whole thing strange. Isn't it? It is so syphilis. The law that we're talking about here is was really built to protect kind of the American industrial base around defense. Rightly, you have an important helicopter manufacturer and you don't WanNa get bought by Iran. That's what cities is for. It has never been used as a back door for data protection framework right here. In the United States, we do not have data protection framework. There is no law that says you cannot ship social security numbers of Americans to a Chinese company. Nothing prevents that in theory now, obviously, we have A. Rules that have been created through FTC decisions and such. But overall, we don't have a framework for deciding what is really important Pi and work in it set up, and so to create that out of whole cloth, using a stiffest interpretation is really probably the worst way to handle what is eight really really complicated problem, and like you said, there's other companies put away the top and I think for my perspective, we chat the top Vermont for me. Right is used by the entire chinese-speaking Gaspara. Anybody who has any in China uses it, and that includes people in Singapore people in Hong Kong people in Taiwan. So lots of these places where Chinese intelligence is really interesting. What's going? We chat has become. Part of People's daily lives, and unlike tiktok, it carries very sensitive data. Right? People run their companies. All we chat, they have their personal communications reach at the. They probably arrange affairs and do things that are very black maleable on we chat and there evidence from Citizen Lab, and some other folks who have done worth that demonstrate that you can kind of get side channel information out of we chat that demonstrates that they are watching and they are doing at least scanning of certain phrases, even communications that go. I. Mean I m point, I. think that's well known and well established that we chat is certainly used by the EPA to do surveillance, right? Like that is the reason. So successful in the reason that they can block other communications, funnel people through it, but this brings us to an important question. There are some concerns that say censorship on TIKTOK. For example, there was a case where they would deleting videos that referred to. Human Rights abuses occurring in Xinjiang in in China, right, and that turned into a into massive Khufu four. Good reason. Don't get me wrong Let's not pretend for a second, the PSE or a bunch of fluffy. Fluffy pandas. Okay. That is that is certainly not the case. But let's, be real. Trees names for them. But let's look. Let's be be real here. Right? Like the hottest security angle to this, right? It's it's. It's hard to make a case that it's. It's a terribly dangerous APP now when the United States blocked the sale of grinder. To to an offshore concern I, mean I think that was another Chinese company that wanted to buy that. Absolutely. Anyway, near when they wanted to buy a company that track Global Hotel reservations again, that it's type of information is incredibly valuable to US intelligence in two, thousand, six, the US government's blocked checkpoint, which is an Israeli from blind buying sauce fly because source for. Through. SNORT had deep in US government networks. The right in all of these situations where this has happened before you can point to a single reason and you can say this is why. 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