Shake Milton’s Late 3-Pointer Saves Philadelphia Sixers In Win Over Spurs


The San Antonio Spurs lost by the Philadelphia Seventy sixers the seventy sixers took it one, thirty, two to one thirty Oscar down the stretch of that one Damore Rosen was tremendous Santa Tonio and it looked to me like the Spurs. We're going to win the game again for their third consecutive win in the Orlando bubble but then there was a key play late in the fourth quarter on Al Horford had the ball he looked to. The Post he looked like he was trying to post up embiid against San Antonio up to so any NBA posted a tied the game the John Day Mario, the defensive guard for San. Antonio over helped a little bit scale I thought he gets sucked into close to 'em. beat on Horford's ball fake or for kickback to shake Milton Milton hit a three that would ultimately win the game Philly also tremendous game philly a tremendous win for Phillies cal. But I think you have to be awfully impressed with the San Antonio Spurs starting they're starting to in one in this restart and they're awfully close to being three and all.

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