Urgency Behind Nevada's New Bill That Expands Mail-in Voting


News the Nevada Senate approved a bill Sunday to implement a majority mail in election in November. In their argument Senate Democrats asserted that the measure assembly bill four was needed due to concerns over the Chinese corona virus they cited long lines at the pulse. And close contact with others. The measure which was passed with a thirteen eight vote was not supported by any of the Republican members. Well, that's good that the Republicans Nevada still have a backbone president trump then promptly got Nevada to trend on twitter. He said this in an illegal late night coup Nevada's clubhouse governor. Made it impossible for Republicans to win the state president trump wrote on twitter. Post Office could never handle the traffic of male in votes without preparation using Cova distill the state see you in court. The president is one hundred percent right on this. If we allow mandatory mail in voting to happen unchallenged, we are headed for the biggest disaster of an election in our lifetime. There is a reason why the Democrats want mail in voting it is ripe for fraud. People might say, well, Charlie what about absentee voting that is always a small sliver of the amount of votes in the absentee ballots are always the majority of the voter fraud claims as they are. In some states, absentee ballots are anywhere between five to ten percent. Sometimes, there is lows two percent in states like Oregon, which is complete and Total Democrat control. The only way to vote you cannot show up on election day in Oregon. It is all vote by mail and it starts in early October leading up to election day. Because of this Democrats US organizing tactics to be able to do a thing called ballot harvesting ballot harvesting is how in Orange County California Republicans wants controlled five five US congressional seats in Orange County after the last midterm election. Republicans lost all five. Now Republicans were leading some of those seats such as young Kim on election night. But then all of a sudden new ballots were found. Mail in ballots were discovered. And the Republican candidates. Fell behind and behind and eventually lost the race. The way that voting should work is through independent certification with election judges in decentralized fashion to have the most people centered citizen-focused way of voting. What do I mean by that? It means that when you have a local precinct that is in charge of the election for that one precinct, not the post office of the Postal Service you think called election judges, those election judges. Are Bound by the law and they usually represent both political parties Republican. Democrat, to make sure that there's no funny business now, it's not a perfect system voter fraud absolutely exists but a vast majority of voter fraud is almost always voter registration fraud and ballot fraud with absentee voting. So, if we admit that the Democrats are pushing for mail and voting harder than anything they've pushed for in recent memory, the question should be why. They say it safety. Mean that's such nonsense. Worried about people gathering. Then shouldn't they cancel? The local marijuana dispensary or the casinos in Nevada. In Nevada, you are able to go to Caesar's palace in Nevada, you're able to go to the Venetian in Nevada, you can go to a local restaurant. and. They'd say that's perfectly fine if you wear a mask and socially distance. But it's not okay to be able to go to a local polling place. It's not okay to be able to wait six

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