234 - Diane Steele: The Q&A


My favorite murder. You. Heard of it it's These two girls I don't really know what they do. Say. They are they are. Special episode, we're going to do Qa are you getting a summertime? From us because it's real. Yeah, it's Yeah summer. Well, it's it feels like lazy days of summer like when we thought. Oh Yeah. We haven't done a Q. and a like in a very maybe in a year and then when I realized that was an option it was as if I was freed out of the last day of school onto summer vacation. What it felt like for some reason acuity McNeil's more nervous than a regular episode because you have to go back to all your improv skills that you got at the. groundlings lower one from that she level one classes are changing. Story. Is Not easy. Not Again, not being prepared but I resident Jay sent us from the colts in there that really fun. So I'm young. Okay. A lot of course these are people that they have good ideas they think things through. A. Lot of them are professionals. In crowder's impressed. Did I tell you about my friend Lynch across the Great Canadian Standard Canadian craft and she the greatest story where she took a class I think it was at the groundlings. And she like got in trouble quote unquote. Think of as an action to do on stage is full towels. happening. She. She would just stand there flipping her hands like that, and then putting a towel in Shell and. Win. Her in a restaurant you have to do. But isn't it? I would love to know what my like under the gun panic action would be like nothing. Well, I can tell you actually because I did take I got tricked into taking an Improv class once. I went with my friend and in my mind I was like I'll just audit and sit in the back and then the teacher the Great Chris Barnes. Improv teacher from second city. He was like no auditing you have to get into. It sounds like it's my nightmare I mean control freak. extraordinaire. All all you do your life don't ask stupid. Stupid. Class Act. Stupid. It's the the idea that will it's it's act according to what's actually happening as opposed to not acting stupid which is. A fucking warm up. My God so uncomfortable her. It's like they're trying to break you emotionally before you go into starting seeing like zips. APPS. Is. Zozo crushing experience okay. So then. I was really mad and. I felt like one of those people that goes with the friend to the Colt meeting and then gets in holy indoctrinated into the call But the first seen I was in I was like I think my panic action is flipping hamburgers because I stood there. That was what I started with, and then the guy walked into the scene from the like stage left, and then as he walked in and started asking me questions I slowly turned my back to. Your. Doesn't WanNA talk. Chris Barnes like Karen Karen. What do you do? You have to acknowledge that a person's onstage with you is just like I thought that'd be funny if I turn my back. Would be stirring the pot or something. Sure. Look pornographic if you really. Or like you're struggling on, there's so many options. In The IMPROV world. Works was going up what's up. Reading really. Good Buck. Okay it's too early to get into books, hell no green start. The book club. How do you want to? Do the one book club. This is a book club meeting right now if you the only people that get to come to this book club right now are the ones who by chance already read whatever book Georgia's about. Right we're never going to talk about it again, this is the one and only you're never going to be required cheese Max the Buchan or maim all talk to people. You don't actually know he never asked that of you know that. So in listening to the slow the UNQUIET dead by. Asthma Hana Con. That wrong. It is gorgeous. It's magic active kind. Of basics of it but. In, Canada and you're trying to saw. The data this person did he? Did he get killed when the person turns out to me he'd be a worker from Bosnian war and cheese. I didn't know anything about into the Sloan's lake super Historical. Fiction. So he's telling me all these things in Sarajevo Sarajevo in the Bosnian war the nineties no idea dot it's beautifully laying written and it's in Cairo True. But I'll see. Yes, that sounds really got A. Whole slew way. This detectives I liked their tricking you into learning. That's the best kind of book. To counteract dot and just watch the go. Go's last night was not. Seen it yet was supposed to watch it with my friend Luke Vivienne Westwood's number one fan Luke Womack. And then but okay, go ahead I'll tell you I got into something else accidentally but you tell me about that it was just really fine in great and I didn't realize like I, don't think I was old enough to know the enormity of like what they did. The Is a really fun documentary. That's right because when they came out, you would have been one. But I was eleven it was right up my I mean they are but they'll go. Number one when that Came out me and I told the story on Josh Admires podcast five hundred but because we covered this album. I sat in. My friend Nisha Benedetti who she was a year younger than me and we did Carpool together and sometimes I'd go to their house after school and she had gotten that album and we put she put it on and then we just

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