Memorial Service Held For Congressman And Civil Rights Icon John Lewis in Atlanta

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Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis has been honored at a memorial service in Atlanta. NPR's Debbie Elliot reports that the funeral ended six days of mourning contributes to Luis's Life and service. Thie final celebration of Life for Democratic Congressman John Lewis was held in his longtime church. Atlanta's historic Ebenezer Baptist senior pastor, Raphael Warnock, called Louis the hope and promise of democracy. He became a living walking sermon about truth telling. And justice making in the Earth. He loved America until America learn how to love him back. We celebrate Thie service was a mix of personal and political tributes, including from three former presidents who honored his pivotal role in in the the the civil civil civil rights rights rights movement movement movement and and and as as as an an an advocate advocate advocate for for for human human human rights rights rights in in in Congress. Congress. Congress. Debbie Debbie Debbie Elliot. Elliot. Elliot. NPR NPR NPR News News News parts parts parts of of of

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