Philadelphia - SEPTA to Begin Phasing Out Paper Tickets on Regional Rail Starting Friday


Except is starting to phase out paper tickets on the regional rails beginning tomorrow. Here's killed abuse, Marc Abrahams said. Zander, Bush says, If you're used to buying the paper tickets Friday is the last day they will be available. This includes single trip tickets and also 10 trip tickets. But the good news is is that the discounts that folks get from those tickets is not going away. We think it's becoming were convenient. It's being moved over to the septic ate that Septus Elektronik. Her card that includes a feature known as the Travel Wallet where Bush says You can keep a balance, which is deducted every time you swipe it to pay affair, so you don't have to have a monthly or weekly as you put it, balance on their $20. Whatever it is you you need for your travel and you pays you go similar out. People have been doing for several years now on some ways. And the bosses. Bush says any paper tickets riders still have, including those bought Friday will be good for 180 days from the date of purchase.

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