The Kushners Freddie Mac Loan Wasnt Just Massive. It Came With Unusually Good Terms, Too. - burst 7

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Transition from the Obama appointee to the trump appointee was happening at the same time as this deal was coming together and it was really I would imagine a great time of uncertainty for people at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae who were seeing a new person come in who had a really his own take on things. Neither the White House nor Kushner companies responded to multiple requests for comment. After the break the ethical implications of the KUSHNER FREDDIE MAC deal. Hi there. It's Ilya Marritz Co host of Trump Inc.. You're listening to this show because you value our reporting on the conflicts of interest at the center of the trump presidency and Andrea has already told you about what it takes to report each story we make for this show. But I wanted to tell you about one really important

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