The Root of All Sin (Ezekiel 28:12)


Chapter Twenty eight verses one to. The word of the Lord came to me son of man say to the Prince of Tyre thus says the Lord God? Because your heart is proud. And you have said, I am a God I sit in the seat of the Gods in the heart of the seas. Yet you are but a man and no god. Though you make your heart like the heart of God. And such begins in this chapter, the prophecy specifically against the Prince of Tyre, the leader of Tyre who is basically set himself up like he is a God. He is looked at himself that way he is exalted himself that way he has. Projected that toward others, they should look to him that way his heart has been proud. Like he is a God. And as we hear this. Judgment against the Prince of Tyre for his pride. I can't help but think number one about the pride in my own heart. The pride in each of our hearts. Like this is the essence of sin. That we set ourselves up. As. If we are God. As if we know what is best for our lives, like every sin is born in a- heart of pride that says I'm GonNa do things my way. Instead of God's way I'm not going to submit to God. I'm going to be like God like I know good and evil as justice chapter three and it's every single time we send. Like. CS Lewis. Chapter on pride in Mere Christianity's so helpful because he talks about just the root of sin being pride before God and it's on display here and the Prince of Tyre Ezekiel, Chapter Twenty Eight, and sadly it. So often on display in each of our hearts and so Ezekiel Chapter Twenty eight just drives us to pray in confession and repentance with humility before God God we. Even. Saying that in prayer saying God, we are confessing you are God we are not we are not God we are not a God. We don't know what is best. For our lives, we don't know what is best in the world yet we are all prone to think we know better than you were prone to make choices that go against your word in your ways, and so we pray Oh God for your forgiveness. For Your forgiveness for any and every way heart has and even now today is prone to say I am God. I. Am the one who's going to call the shots here God we pray you'd help us to live under your lordship an Jesus. We praise you for your humility being the very nature of God not considering equality with God something to be grassed you made yourself nothing taking the very nature of a servant. Human lightness and you humble yourself and became obedient to death even death on a cross for our sins for our pride you died you paid the price for our prideful arrogance and sin against God we praise you Jesus for a year humility for your sacrifice for us for your forgiveness of sweet. Praise you. Jesus. For clothing us in your righteousness when we don't deserve it and so we pray we pray right now in fresh way for your humility in our lives for your humility in our hearts help us all day today all day tomorrow God. Help us to humble ourselves before you into follow you trust you to yield. To you to submit to you to all that you call us to do God remove pride from me remove pride from US cleanses of all pride reporte for humility we for in our hearts and minds just ever increasing. Glad submission to you as our God for we know this is where life is found where joy has found his where piece is found in you God not in us is gone but in you as God and submitting to you got worshiping yours gone glorify newest got testifying to you alone as God. We praise you. There is no one like you. There are no gods beside you even as we're praying. Just daily for unreached people groups in India where so many millions of gods or being worship God replayed today for the. Be Kadoi people of India. One point one, million of them, worshiping millions and millions of God's May. They know Kuehne be caught why people know that you alone or God may send more and more believers to make your glorious God known among them. We pray for your salvation salvation can only come from you God among the coon be Kadoi. God even as we pray for the spread of your Lordship, your supremacy is God. There may your lordship and your supremacy as gotTa rain in our hearts today. Right now in an all that we do, we pray in Jesus name.

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