Energy-Efficient Buildings


Help us make buildings more energy efficient? You know they have thousands of people that live in that community and to the cost of cooling. Those homes for Arizona's hot summers, which can last four to six months is quite considerable but for Wanda the he'll communities energy efficient buildings were about more than saving people money. Few Mix is one of the fastest warming cities in the US and the impacts of that are many. I started doing research into quite a morbid subject but into death heat related deaths in Phoenix and what I found out was that over a twelve year period, there were fifteen hundred heat related deaths. In Phoenix. We should be looked at as the Canary Bert you know after news concept who senses the climate changes I, and of course, it's often the indigenous people. In this case in the city of Phoenix they are impacted. So this is becoming an issue. Of Justice. So Wanda Della. Casa got to work on a new housing development for the Healer River Indian community one that would be as energy efficient and environmentally just as possible and to do that, she looks back to the history of the land in this region their long history in architecture has been using adobe, which is as you know what a very thick and dense. Material that they used to build very thick walls to be able to keep the heat out in those summer months there's no footprint at all from the old architectures it would be really really wonderful to kind of start I know we can't go all the way back but to go back somewhat and to take some of those beautiful

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