R by any Amy Mark. Scores from Camel Ex joins US. Hey, Dave, How are you doing?


R for each man for Trump and Biden. When Trump Refused to condemn white supremacy and the proud boys. I mean, this was an easy answer, and it's confusing to me that people say we like Trump because he calls it like it is, he's not afraid to say what he thinks. So when Chris Wallace Put it on a silver platter to simply say, Of course, I condemn white supremacy or the proud voice. For whatever reason, Trump was so intractable. I would say in that moment, pathologically defiant that he couldn't even recognise it was a silver platter to put to rest accusations. That he sympathizes with white supremacist and he couldn't do it. I thought that was a horrible moment for the president. I also thought when he was attacking Hunter bite. And while Joe Biden was talking about his deceased son, Bo, I thought that was a gross moment as well as when Trump so distrust in election results, he said. This is going to be a fraud like you've never seen there You have the leader of the free world. Telling the American people You can't trust the election. I thought those were really Boris. Painful moments to watch. You know for Joe Biden. I understand the frustration that Trump was talking over him, but to stay shut up man to the president of United States. Call

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