Naturally, I will agree to take one. Also the president going on to say that only drugs


Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Biden says the effort to fill the sea before the election is aimed at eliminating the affordable care act. President Trump can claim all he wants is going to protect people with preexisting conditions. But the fact is, he's already fighting to take those protections away as we speak. He has his way more than 100 million people with preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes and cancer. Could once again be denied coverage. But Republicans disagree that the Supreme Court seat should not be filled before the election. Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy on Fox News Sunday. I'm rather fond of the Constitution. I have read it. It's provision about filling a Supreme Court vacancy are unaffected by the Electoral Cavender Judiciary Committee. Hearings are expected to begin October. 12th the majority leader, Mitch McConnell promises a vote in the Senate President Trump and Joe Biden will have their first debate on Tuesday. The president says he has been preparing for it every day just by being president. While the president also on Twitter about the debate writing this morning, I will be strongly demanding a drug test that sleepy Joe Biden prior to

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