Stevie Parle Shares His Spaghetti And Clam Recipe


I am Stevie Paul. I have a few restaurants rather than a couple of restaurants style. A pop-up could joy in west London and I wanted to tell you how to make spaghetti with clams. This is my favorite thing to we think. So so my kids type thing to. The most of the people you cook it for think you'll really some kind of genius when you make it and yet it's incredibly simple. Clemson Volaille obviously is a cool mentally have unbelievable flavor. The juice comes out of clam is just tastes out of this world. Very easy to make you need. Spaghetti doesn't need to be a fresh dried past united of standard. Supermarket blue-and-yellow packet round is fine. It really is fine. But if you see a slow a dried has to take a longer amount of time to cook I always think that's good into look at actually how long it takes cook it from the pack is says your Spaghetti takes like fourteen minutes but something bad instead of ten or eleven it's a nice big spaghetti by the Nice Hodge wieght and it takes time to cook, but it's going to be chewing delicious. Anyway you need spaghetti. Hasley, dry Chili, white wine, and unique clams. Really a peasant can he love clams but equally, if you make has to climbs with like ten clams lesson than that is absolutely delicious and the juice they create makes much wonderful sociopathic. So festival, you're GONNA have everything ready for this dish because once you making it, you gotta move kind of fast. So let's save a gonNA. Do that you people you need a couple of hundred grams of Spaghetti. You need a big hand full of Nice. Salted Wilshire associates the see. Boiling rapidly, you need to finally up to cloves garlic your time you're doing this trying shook the evenly and small, and you need a handful of parsley flatly parsley leaves pig from the studios. Again shops when I'm joking Parsley, why do is I kinda scrunch up into a bowl and then again big shove knife and so slice through scrunched up all of Parsley as finally as I can and then go through it again once at done that in judge Moore says really fine many needle clams anything from ten to betty offense they come in different sizes it kind of normal Palo plans again, this country really good. I. Tend to choose the smaller ones just because the big ones could be a little bit cheery and be not nice. And why do I washed clams under running Warta just to make sure that not gritty. Swish Moore around, and then if they open while washing them, you can throw those ones. Sometimes they it's like only salmon them in those the you get rid off, but they should just be tidy shot Monday, running water and Swish around in a single appeal something for a few minutes just to get them nice and clean 'cause it's a bit disappointing when you you're clams and you get a bit of sand I mean he's not the end of the world who have made you sick. It's just wants tweets and so you've got your big kind of woods boiling. You've got your garlic party jobs. You got some dried chili like crushed dried chili nice specific one just. Don't want it to be crazy hall. So if it's a kind of mild crush drudge chilly but we Quarter, teaspoon of something. And you got your clements watched and then you need a wide hand with a LID. If you have a big frying pan on a lead that fits on that side and my spine has it sometimes, you can use another one use a play or something that's ideal whose what you're GonNa do is you're gonNA. Steam the rams, and if you have the more piled on each other, they will open bat the juice from. The clams and the one which didn't mention you need a couplet glasses of white wine just dry white one needs to reduce. So if you've got the mobile pilot up in a small pan that juice one, Medusa wine and clam juice and oil anyway create the right kind of emotion fear. peste. Does funny because hardly any ingredients is nothing really technically but do but just got to pay attention to the details of can make. something. That is just unbelievably good. So you big votes spoiling your wide hand is now you're gonna put it on the heat and get aw- and you the pastor infest. So this recipe once you've got that stuff prepared it takes less time than takes Cook Pastor. So you can drop the spaghetti into the boiling water if your pan on some olive oil in the Pan and at the garlic and then just when that garlic. In, just a few seconds isn't good glove of olive oil by the way don't be shy it's a few titles swings and then he'd put garlic in just really starts frizzell before it's cooked too much anything you. But in a little pinch of Dr, Chilean you the clams straightway. Why normally then do is tad tossed them around said they get cut sit in this garlicky chilly thing on once clams get hot than they. Have Been. Put in the white wine, a big loss of two hundred Mil something like that, and then put the lid on straightway. A met should be lecturing around and steaming you pestis public been bullying this point for like three minutes and remember it takes ten twelve or something depending on the grand. Pasta. So you pass this boiling. You're Clemson's steaming. You'll Hasley chopped and you just wait a second. I but you just gotTa wait now in drink a bit of your white one and then when you pastor is three-quarters cooks your clams of probably open dictate the lid off the clam ham and then drain your pastor even though it's quite ready look in your clam hand, it should be nice and juicy but really cooking thing you pay attention because if you've got a massive pan and it was really really Hard and you wind might have completely reduced down by now. But if it's a small pan may not have reduced enough year, you wanted to be a good layer of Jews. But you don't want it to be ruled tree and as it reduces what happens is the olive oil, a most us in that mixture, and then you take the pastor drained it. We've just pulled out the with have tongues coming. And even though he's not quite could you into the clam on any says enough liquid that it looks juicy in statement good already that's fine. Otherwise put in a little bit of past awards. Back on so that the pastor is cooking in the CLEM. 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