Thai Airways New Restaurant Pop-Up In Bangkok Is Booming



Food possibly the most maligned element of the travel experience nobody likes airline food is certainly don't like it. But apparently, in Bangkok, they do because Thai Airways have just taken one of the office cafeterias in Bangkok and converted it into a pop up restaurant and they figured it out with airline seats. Even if fourteen airline seats, they've made it look like the interior of an airplane including the airline seats, the staff of walking around and cabin crew uniforms and I think it's brilliant on a number of different levels. First of all, let's get rid of the old stock, the the food stock on hand second, they get to generate revenue third they get a great pr story out of it like we're talking about Diane's bring covered extensively around the world in various news outlets. Where we three four it's a positive story. It's not a negative story which we normally associated with the airlines and five and six. There's going to be six five I. think it's a potentially good market research tool. You could actually use it to start getting customer feedback on different types of food and different varieties of food different menus, a food, and the six one I think is at shows tire ways to be a bit fun a bit quirky, even innovative. And all of those things I think lead to a very, very positive brand image coming out of this temporary pop up. So I

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