Feeding Your Newborn Right


The concept of breastfeeding simple you off a baby baby baby latches drinks milk for a while then is done. Tommy. Full happy baby. But simple does not always mean easy and some mothers not even given a choice. This food for thought. Motherhood. Is With lactation consultant, pediatric feeding, and swallowing specialist speech therapists. Stacy's. Where we explore the challenges in Feeding Your Baby Headline Stacey. Hi honestly say to have you on this episode because you've played such an important role with my feeding Johnny was Zachary and I think everybody's going to benefit so much from what you have is. It Hey we go. I guess. that. If we start stacy by tolkien about the fact that. Breast. Milk is said to make your child healthier small. And? Unfortunately, lots of Women Assadi unable to breastfeed and they can fill a lot of shame around this. So when we come to the phrase, breast is best what are your thoughts on this? So if it's why I think I'd like to refrain it on think about nor. Breast is best Betta. But actually considering recipe jank as the biological and recognizing that it will says more protections to buy babies on's mother's human milk tena made the babies and it's no folding. Fluids by throughout human existence and also cost an infant's in a child's life span. breastfeeding does affect baby a reduced risk of a number roles Illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting era sections I. For. Long long list on the same for the mother in terms of decreasing the risk of things like West move varian. Council? That's not to dispute it. I think that what Sweetie challenging is that when women who want to breastfeed on table, they experience multitude se names possibly anger glee sadness of some of the feelings of undocumented in military. I'm. I'm a linked to sort of feeling of loss said that they lose something they were expecting will wanting to do. All that they had been told about employ misses the best and then they went able to achieve and I think why to say is if there's a woman that feels like this, I'd like to certificate acquainted about. So right by don't deny to lowlands from the W. HR pays days he says, the success will new breastfeeding should not be seen solely as responsibility of the woman. Power ability to breastfeed is very much shaped by the support in the environment in which she lives there was a full responsibility of governments on society to support women through policies on the grounds in the community. I think this valley very true and I it's. It's a very difficult place to be when you're surrounded by those messages but he Failed as masters a truly the most helpful way of betraying the session to breastfeed in Bay Protection said it all says, yeah. Of course, it does really am hit home when you said that because. I. Do feel that there isn't enough of a conversation around supporting women. The fact that it isn't just straightforward hits. It's something that you almost think, oh, you know able to because you can't practice breastfeeding is not something you are. You don't describe a baby you can't actually cut it on a practice. The price says it it's very difficult. Isn't it and that quite really does sum up the fact that it does take it does take support because you know what you're doing. I mean I was messaging you stacey I remember in the first few weeks not I never had a very difficult birth experience, but I was so unsure if what I was doing was even right. Absolutely and I think that that speaks to this idea of the society needs to support lemon under the messages that we have within the society around

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