Transforming Your Relationship with Anxiety

Tara Brach


So. I'm must stay and welcomed my friends. It said that when Adam and Eve left Eton he commented to her he said my dear, we're living in a time of great transition. And Have you noticed that it always feels like added in some. Some way that the times were in are uniquely intense and fast paced and stressful. Even knowing that. Historians will probably look back at twenty twenty with raised eyebrows. I just saw cartoon friend sent me of a woman. She's telling her partner. My desire to be well informed is currently at odds with my desired stay sane. And I think we understand. Given are off the charts Combo of current stressors. It's easy to feel like we're waiting for the bad stuff to go away. You know there's we're kind of waiting to resume real life. But actually, and there's there's a deep understanding in this that if for waiting if we're waiting for something different. We won't bring a full. Honest presence to what's actually arising right here now in our path. And it's only by doing that that we really wake up. And for many of us what's arising on our path? What's really asking for attention is anxiety. So this evening, I'd like to reflect together on how we can transform our relationship with anxiety. How we can arouse a presence said. Brings inner freedom and its outer expression what many people call love and action So as mentioned in the opening. For the first time in this weekly online class will be including some time for questions at the end. So I want to remind you that if you're on zoom and you have a question during the talk. Please rided in via the chat box to everyone and submit your question just once. Yeah. So feel free. Anxiety and fears been spiking over the last six months. It was already epidemic levels anyway round the world but you know the converging streams we do. We know the between the pandemic an unemployment. I'm aware that justice week tens of millions of people are facing eviction. Dude on. The streams of our children schooling and this growing awareness That's so profound around the globe of race based injustice and violence. And then the trauma just these last two weeks of wildfires of about three days ago. One of my friends home burned down. A hurricanes mean unless we're in denial, it'll keep coming. This is the crisis of our. So I've mentioned. On Saturdays I do this live such on this our people ask questions, and we really we explore meditation can help with all the different challenges, and of course you're all invited. So feel free to sign up on my home page of my website. What a wanted shares, how a good number of named The way that their past trauma is now being activated by current stressors and how much is just driving them into sense of real isolation and depression and fear anxiety. And of course, another stream for many in the United States is a gripping fear around upcoming elections. For many, the sense that so much is at stake for generations to calm for those who are most vulnerable for Democracy for earth. So as we'll explore tonight. If we want to heal and if we want to evolve and I'm talking about individually and as a species, it all depends on how we respond to the anxiety and fear that's arising so strongly. Because, here's what happens. UNPROCESSED FEAR is rise to violence and two more separation, and this is true and our individual alive to the glory. We have fears that we really have not attended to with mindfulness with kindness it ends up separating us from others. And it's true as a society and it takes the shape of war and all sorts of other forms of violence. So if we want to. Create a more loving peaceful world and I feel like we're here because we want to. We need to let. Attention to anxiety be at the center of our path. It's not like we're waiting for things to change. It's like this is what's arising this asking for our attention and if we don't pay attention. Are Primitive range will rule the day. So in him this intention to bring. To difficulty to let the difficulty actually way GOP our compassion wake up love in action. Is described as the body sought for aspiration. And I. Love it because it's such a powerful expression of really I think what we all long for one more most away that that whatever comes our way that helps us to deepen our love.

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