Higher courts would find the prosecutor


Jury and then He would appeal. Higher courts would find the prosecutor who throughout all of these six trials was a white district attorney named Doug Evans. Uh, courts would find that Evans had committed misconduct, they would overturn the case. But then Evans would just retry the case. And it just became this seemingly unending cycle that went on for years and years. Uh, one of the most egregious forms of misconduct that the higher courts found over these years. Was that Doug Evans made repeated attempts to keep black people off of the jury's that tried Curtis Flowers. And our team actually did a really big data analysis of what Evan's office was doing in jury selection in all of its cases, not just in the flowers case, and we found that there was a pattern of black people in Evan's district being prevented from serving on Juries for decades. And that issue racism. A jury selection ultimately led the Supreme Court reverse of the most recent convictions of Mr Flowers. Did you get a chance to speak with him yesterday?

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