Slack's stock plunges as it struggles to boost revenue growth


Not all work from home plays are equal and slack proved that exactly just beating expectations on the top and bottom lines shares are plummeting in the after hours slacks numbers they just aren't as impressive when you put them next to other remote darlings, zoom video, which saw revenue sore more than three hundred and fifty percent year-over-year slack has seen revenue grow at a steady fifty percent for the last three quarters even the pandemic billings growth, the metric that investors were focused on that also. Came up short now we have the chance out co Stewart Butterfield and CFO Alan Chimp. Why and they said that the macro environment is still uncertain. Butterfield says that the impact of the economy and employment picture hit the business in a more pronounced way in the second quarter though they are seeing signs of stabilization and improvement. Another ever present concern guises competition CFO Shins said slack did not see year-over-year chain. It's win rate against Microsoft teams in the quarter, and we know how fierce battles with tonight's plunge in share price slack remains the. Warming work from home play back to you Melissa

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