Philadelphia Leaders Say Homeless Camps Are ‘Untenable'


Officials are telling protesters to leave their encampments in Fairmount and North Philadelphia. For the district councilman who's who represents both neighborhoods. Those camps can't be shut down fast enough. Okay, one W. City Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe report. Chancel President Darryl Clark sees a paradox in housing advocates occupying land that could transform the quality of life of a black community that has suffered generations of disinvestment. The North Philadelphia and Campen is on the site of a planned $52 million project. It's a supermarket, a health centre and housing issue and cried black lives matter. You know, I kind of think this fits that mold on development that deals with all those disparities that is being built by an African American developer and Campen organizer's argued too much of the land is for parking, and there should be more than 92 units of housing. They have allies on City Council. Freshmen members. Kendra Brooks and Jamie got Ta say they think the encampment should stay. But Clark, who has represented Strict for 20 years. They're blocking a development already long overdue. Having minorities be involved in development and the minority communities have full access to all the things that are in other communities. Pat Lobe K Y. W News radio turns

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