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At spectra markets is going to join us to give us his thoughts on crypto We've got Bitcoin trading down another 3% today to 29,000 for the Bitcoin watchers out there But first let's go to Greg Jerry Get a Bloomberg business Why thank you 11 main industry groups all of them in the S&P are down Consumer stocks are leading the decline that NASDAQ went down at one point as much as 2.2% following yesterday's risk rebound Muhammad el Arian Bloomberg opinion columnist and grammar she funds management chair tells Bloomberg while recession is not a sure thing He'd say it's a good bet It is not unavoidable but unfortunately the probability is going up What is unavoidable is stagflation And we're seeing growth coming down and we're seeing inflation remaining high And the fed is finally catching up to developments on the ground but it still has some way to go S&P is down 1.9% down 78 the Dow is down 1.7% down 560 in the NASDAQ's down Just about 2% down 234 The ten years up 1330 seconds the EL 2.93% West Texas intermediate crude is down 18% at one 1147 Collects gold is down four tenths of a percent at 1812 40 announced the dollar yen one 28 41 the Euro a dollar 5 12 the British capital 24 O 8 That is a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now pretty Gupta and mister Paul swing All right Greg Jared good

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