Seth Gruber Is One of the Best Communicators of the Pro-Life Movement


Everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk show in person the man the myth the legend, Seth Gruber, who is the most talented charismatic and I will say wise pro life male voice. I think just pro life voice in general is amazing. Seth, welcome. Thank you, Charlie. You have helped me so much to clarify my pro life views, not that I have different beliefs, but it's a better articulate them. And so you do this for a living. I do. I was raised in the pro life movement, actually. So my mother was actually the director of a pregnancy resource center in a Zeus of California in the late 1980s. So back then, there weren't very many pregnancy centers. I say this to, I have to interrupt you. You know that a lot of our listeners don't know what a pregnancy resource center. That's right. So what is a pregnancy resource? So the pregnancy research center is the pro life alternative to an abortion clinic. They provide all of their resources for free. And most of them, Charlie provide all of the same non controversial medical resources that an abortion center does. Minus the baby butchering part. And their entirely privately funded. I think a couple centers recently have gotten a little bit of state support, but usually it's all private donations, I keynote their banquets all around the country. And we outnumber abortion clinics, Charlie, about two or three to one. But most people don't know what they are. Most people don't. And I think the pregnancy resource centers have spoken some great ones. I spoke at a phenomenal one in San Antonio. One, you were at the one in California, I spoke at, but a lot of them, and I won't say where, not those two, they got to get their act together. And they think everyone knows who we are. It's like, no, most young people have never heard of a pregnancy resource. I talked to pastors who've never heard of pastor and it's just hard for them to kind of comprehend and believe that.

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