Americans Likely to Boycott Companies They Disagree With


I'll tell you this, Americans are so over it. There was a poll that just came out conducted with Trafalgar and the convention of states action in which they found that the overwhelming majority of Americans from all political backgrounds say that they're likely to boycott companies, they disagree with, which is an indicator that regardless of what side a company chooses to take, it's kind of a losing battle for companies. I mean, why get into this? In the first place, Disney, right? At least Netflix is figuring that out. I told you yesterday about how Netflix, which by the way, is a stock to watch because it's gotten beaten down so much. But Netflix is common to the realization that, hey, we got to serve our customers. And if our employees don't like it, too bad. And so it's important to offer a diversity of product. It's important to stay out of politics.

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