The Top 3 Things That American Christians Should Do Right Now


Just real quick lightning round. You can just quit top three things, practical things we can do as Christians that are Americans right now. Boy, top three things. First thing is, I mean, take your faith very seriously. I encourage people to make that number one. So I tell people all the time, look, my life's work, what I do is focus on the second most important thing. So before I tell you what that is, let's make sure we all agree on what the most important thing is. The most important thing that we can do is to win souls for Jesus Christ. It's the most important thing that we can do. Now, so what's the second most important thing? To make sure you could do the first thing. Yeah, there you go. Come on. That's my day job. My job every day when I do three hours of radio two podcasts today, traveled 330 days last year, college campuses, churches, organizing people, 200 plus people on staff, is to make sure that number one can keep on happening. To make sure that the church will remain open, that they'll never lock us down again that they will never persecute our faith again. So I just want to make sure we all understand the priorities, right? Well, thank you. Which, and we should always be clear about that, right? That's number one. That's number one. That's number one. You can take off your coat right now. No, it's good. You can go right now. And number two, make sure you could do number one. So I just encourage all of you to read the word every single day. Get into a very serious prayer routine. And if you're struggling with your faith, ask for help. That is what the church is supposed to be. It's supposed to be the infrastructure for people that are struggling and struggling as normal because we are in a Supernatural and a spiritual struggle right now. And understand the equipment, the spiritual equipment that God gives us to be able to win the spiritual battle. I could go deeper into this. In fact, in the next service, we might want to do some of the spiritual warfare stuff, but if you are not experiencing spiritual warfare at all and it's kind of like a weird distant concept to you. I'm going to lovingly tell you, maybe you're not doing something important enough, so Satan doesn't take you seriously. There you go. Which is every person that I encounter that is fighting for the gospel in the kingdom is experiencing some form of spiritual warfare right now. And Satan Satan we know the character of Satan. He's a liar. He's a deceiver. First Peter, it says he prowls the world like a lion looking for those to devour. Okay, that's number one. We have to take our faith seriously. Number two, which is I want to challenge all of you to become really passionate learners and educators of this country. And so it's not just about doing, but it's also about pausing and learning. Learning is a substantial activity that improves your country. When you know more about your history, all of a sudden you will be convicted more to fight. When you are able to answer to a friend where they say, this country is so racist, be like, hey, let's talk about that. Where you shouldn't be caught be caught off guard about someone that says, you know, our country was founded on slavery. Like, really? 9 out of 13 of the colonies had already abolished slavery by the time of the constitution was ratified. The first antislavery convention was held in 1775 chaired by Benjamin Franklin. The first state ever to abolish slavery was Vermont in 1776, inspired by the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence and monitoring king George for bringing the Senate slavery to the United States. Thomas Jefferson abolished the slave trade as one of his first acts of president in 1807 that this country said time and time again in the private journals and musings of every founding father, including the three architects of the U.S. Constitution, Hamilton, Madison and Jay that is not a matter of when it's how we will abolish slavery. We should all know that stuff, yeah? And so good. And so the third thing is this, which is you take your faith seriously, you're praying, you're fasting. Jesus said the hard things come to those that pray and fast. I'm a big believer in fasting. And so if that's a distant concept to you, I challenge you to look into it and to pray about it. I know that Greg leads you guys really amazingly on that. But I'm a big, big believer in fasting, then of course learning. The third thing is yes, it's going to take action. It is. And that means I know a lot of people here in this audience right now are saying Charles, you got to give me stuff to do. I've done everything that's been asked to me. I watched Tucker Carlson every night. I bought the pillow. I did everything I was supposed to do. Thank you. That's good. Promo code Kirk, by the way, at my pillow dot com. And the Giza dream sheets are spectacular. But all kidding aside, Greg, it's gonna take faith prayer and fasting is number one bucket. The second bucket is learning. We have a partnership with hillsdale college. It's Charlie for hillsdale dot com. Take some of the online courses. No what you have been given. If we have a national Alzheimer's moment, we don't know who we are, where we've come from a memory crisis. Then what are we actually doing here? You have to know what we're anchored to and the third thing, of course, is action. Running for office and supported a good ones that do. Homeschooling kids, shepherding those parents that might be overwhelmed that are homeschooling. Action action action and pushing yourself forward. Those are the three things that I would challenge this church to continue to do.

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