Pfizer study tests extra COVID vaccine dose for kids under 5


Fizer Fizer is is shifting shifting gears gears during during tests tests of of its its covert covert nineteen nineteen vaccine vaccine in in babies babies and and preschoolers preschoolers the the drug drug maker maker had had been been giving giving kids kids five five and and younger younger to to special special low low dose dose vaccine vaccine shots shots each each a a tenth tenth of of the the adult adult dose dose but but a a preliminary preliminary analysis analysis finds finds two two to to four four year year olds olds did did not not have have a a strong strong immune immune response response as as expected expected so so Fizer Fizer is is now now testing testing three three shots shots instead instead of of two two it it had had planned planned to to release release data data from from the the kids kids study study by by year's year's end end it's it's unclear unclear how how the the dosing dosing change change will will delay delay the the push push to to start start vaccinating vaccinating the the nation's nation's youngest youngest children children Fizer Fizer read read it's it's German German partner partner say say E. E. if if the the three three dose dose study study is is successful successful they they plan plan to to apply apply for for emergency emergency authorization authorization sometime sometime in in the the next next six six months months Sager Sager mag mag ani ani Washington Washington

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