Mike's Hit and Misses in Latest Theatre Shows


Speaking of planets, I don't often criticize shows that I see, but if you're looking for a Broadway show, you may think twice before you shell out a hundred or a 150 bucks to see the little prince on Broadway. Oh, painful. Painful. Remember the little prince, the book about the little, if it was a weird book, I remember when I was a kid, I read it. I thought, well, that kind of sounds kind of neat. I acrobats and stuff. I did a Broadway weekend, so I'll get ready for theater because I'm going to Dallas Friday to start rehearsals for a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I'm going to play suitless in that Steven Sondheim classic. It's a very funny show. So I decided to get some theater in my system. I'm a big Mitt, a big mess with little prince on Broadway. A hit with Billy Crystal and mister Saturday night. He's back on Broadway. And he can't even sing and it's still a great musical. It's pretty cool. He doesn't need this thing. He's Billy Crystal. Who cares if he misses the notes? And I was in the front row. It was wild. To be that close and some great, great performances and just a neat story. Remember the movie? Buddy young junior wasn't a big commercial hit, but hope it'll be a Broadway hit for Billy Crystal and then finally moulin rouge, which is one of the still one of the hottest tickets on Broadway.

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