Sheriff Bill Snyder: If You Break Into a Car, We Will Find You


You know Rudy Giuliani at the time share of implemented with Jack maple and others is broken windows policing and it was precisely kind of what you're talking about just worded a little differently and the idea was that the guy who jumps on to the train to commit a robbery or God forbid a rape or a murder he doesn't pay for the train share of he jumps the turnstile He's like hold on let me pay here So they jumped the turnstile So if you catch the guy jumping the turnstile for the minor crime and you put him in jail even if for overnight until he gets a hearing the next day you may have prevented three or four other crimes A robbery a rape or potentially a murder And that kind of ties into this retail theft thing the way I see it If you let the guy go with a woman go for stealing whatever lipstick or a pack of gum or some protein shake from a store then word gets around that oh they're not doing that They're not forcing that And then two people show up And in ten people show up and then it's open season Is that the correct analysis Yeah you're right on the money I know that when the broken windows came out it was very effective in New York The theory basically is if you have if you have a side of a building which has a hundred windows and they're all intact nobody breaks down If someone breaks one window and you don't fix it then someone will break another one though and at the end of the day all the ones are broken So we do that here in Martin county We tow to that line And we believe that we don't look at crime as just background white noise If you break into a car here we will move heaven and earth to find you because if you get away with breaking into that car the next time you break in something it will be somebody's house And we know that And that's not just conjecture That's exactly what happens So if you catch the car burger you probably prevented Diaspora

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