Author Andrew Klavan and Eric Discuss 'The Truth and the Beauty'


Volks welcome back, I'm talking to Andrew clavin. Do you understand? I'm talking to Andrew clavin, he's written a book called the truth and beauty. It's an amazing book. It is at least brilliant, at least, brilliant. And it was just wonderful to read Andrew, I want to say, congratulations on really having the guts to write this book because I can see how a lot of editors or publishers would try to steer you in different directions. And you, obviously, said to them, shut up. Here's the book. And I'm so glad I'm so glad you did. There's only one editor that I could think of. When I finished it and I put it, as you know, I put a lot of work into it, I thought gee, if this one editor turns this down, I simply don't know where else where else I'll go. So Webster Joanne sees now the publisher of zander van, but he was my editor on my memoir, and he took it instantly. I'm not surprised. He would be the one that I would suggest and God bless him for doing that. Because this is an important book, and I think that, as I said, the level of writing what you get into, what really delighted me, as I mentioned this earlier, how you bring to life figures that I didn't really think of biographically. I mean, somebody mentions coleridge, okay, I've heard of the rhyme of the ancient Mariner. You mentioned keats, you mentioned it. These are figures that I had not really come to appreciate as human beings, just as these names behind poems.

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